Get An Estate Agent Working For You - We Put You First!

Wednesday 05 Aug 2020

First National Real Estate Bribie Island principal, Lyn says home owners and buyers often fail to tap into the in-depth local knowledge, technology resources and experience that real estate agents have readily available at their finger tips.

“The internet allows people to think they can do everything themselves and so they do not ask enough of their agents when looking to buy, sell or rent real estate, either as a home, office or industrial property,” said Lyn.

“The First National Real Estate network spends a lot of time, energy and effort developing systems, technology and training and our agents use these tools to their advantage.  The combination of agents’ skills and technology means we can help a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord to access information on suitable properties, or find the perfect match quickly and easily, yet so few vendors or purchasers ask agents if they use such systems before hiring their agent.

“When they do, the results speak for themselves. 

“One of our offices recently sold a home just 16 minutes after it was listed using our buyer matching system.  Another recorded 3197 buyer views across 6 websites, generating 16 direct enquiries and 9 inspections in a recent social media campaign, resulting in multiple offers being received for the one property.”

First National Real Estate is renowned for its technology-based systems that make the process of finding, buying, selling and renting properties to be simple, convenient and stress-free.

“As one of the largest, if not the largest investment in your life, buying and selling property can be fraught with many pitfalls, but using the right agent can make it quite enjoyable, and even possibly exciting,” Lyn said.

“Our systems mean people are notified immediately when a property, or buyer, suitable to their needs becomes available.

“But the onus is on the members of the public, whether they are a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord.  They need to contact the relevant agent in their area, be fully armed with a well informed wish list, outline what it is they are looking for, be realistic in their expectations and they will ultimately benefit from the relationship.”

Lyn said property investors should also consider agents for renting and leasing properties, whether they are commercial, industrial or residential.

“Our agents are well versed in property across all sectors, and they have a range of systems and processes that support their property management portfolios,” Lyn said.

“But whatever your property needs are, search for an agent who combines systems and technology with traditional people skills and choose one that goes to great lengths to communicate frequently and unobtrusively with their clients.

“We disseminate regular updates by text or email, keep clients informed of the latest listings and vacancies and ensure control is placed in their hands at all times.

“Our systems provide our customers with a genuine advantage and have improved the efficiency with which we promote, sell and rent property.”

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